Renee De Guzman



Raffle Design Institute of Singapore





Renee de Guzman is a Filipino fashion designer who ventured out of her countryto pursue Fashion Design. Taking her degree in Singapore. Renee slowly grew into becoming a womenswear designer. She is known for her bold silhouettes and extreme volumes.

She also enjoys the use of textiles and does several fabric manipulations during the development of her collections. As for her inspirations, they are always drawn from her personal experiences or observations about some things that fascinate her.

Aside from that, her design aesthetic focuses on the clash of various themes mainly maximalism, minimalism, feminine and masculine. From exaggerated manipulations to minimalistic garments, and from ruffles to oversized shapes, these are just a few of the things she work around when it comes to designing.

Renee also enjoys going out of her comfort zone especially when it comes to picking colors because she also uses these hues as the so-called "story tellers" of her collections.

Right now, Renee is finishing her degree in Fashion Design at Raffles Design Singapore.