Woosung Jun

South Korea / ON STAGE


Savannah College of Art and Design






My concept is loving myself. People spend a lot of time loving other people. However, people do not spend their time loving themselves, and comparing themselves leads to self-loathing.

I was also one of the people who compared myself. I have hated myself because of my personality and my nationality sometimes. As an international student who studies in the US, I hated my pronunciation and accent. I embarrassed myself and tried to hide my nationality and pretend like an American. However, I never can be the American that led lack of confidence in myself. From that time, I had a coping mechanism to hide myself to avoid people’s attention. Moreover, I started to wear eyeglasses and hoodies often to cover my face.

However, since I start to study jewelry design I can get confidence in myself and started to love myself because I can focus only on jewelry not people’s attention. My goal is by making jewelry can express my nationality and loving myself, and I want to use my jewelry as a chance of overcoming my self- loathing and pride myself. Moreover, not only comfort me but also comfort people who have hated themselves. Therefore, to love myself I will use eyewear as the mean of expressing my nationality and loving myself.

Moreover, I designed eyewear by using Korean traditional arts. I will make 5 pieces of eyewear. Each eyewear is designed with inspiration from Korean traditional arts, especially traditional architecture’s form and traditional plant patterns to make the eyewear. Moreover, the frame of eyewear is mostly inspired by Korean traditional masks’ form, shape, and purpose. In the terms of wearing it, the mask and the eyewear have similarities.

Moreover, Korean people use to wear masks to speak out to people to get anonymity, which connects with my personal reason for wearing eyewear. Moreover, the Korean traditional plat pattern has the meaning
of fortune for the future. I will use traditional patterns as the meaning of overcoming my self- loathing.

In conclusion, I plan to use all the Korean traditional arts as a way to love myself. By making eyewear I will accept my nationality, and it will become a chance to overcome my self-loathing, and finally love myself. I think the way to love yourself accepting the parts of yourself that you hate by not hiding them.