Andreas Schmeidler Special Prize "Young creative leader of tomorrow"

A new special prize has been added to the others!
The Andreas Schmeidler Special Award "YOUNG CREATIVE LEADER OF TOMORROW".

The Special Award - promoted and conceived by the "Amici di Andreas" association, in collaboration with Fashion Magazine - will be awarded to the collection with the greatest potential for digital virality.

Download the press release about the new special prize here.

Andreas Schmeidler

Andreas Schmeidler began his career in 1983, taking the reins of the family textile company Ater.
In 2008 he was the founder of, a marketing and consulting company for the internationalization of Italian companies.

In 2010 Schmeidler became Italy's Vente-privee country manager, transforming it from a simple website with discounted prices to a reference point for the Italian fashion system.

In 2016 his adventure in Tsum began - initially as a consultant and then as president - with a clear strategic vision: investing in omnichannel, in order to bring to the contemporary a historical reality, which in 2017 celebrated 110 years of activity.

“Amici di Andreas” Association

A group of dear friends - together with his wife Elena and the Schmeidler family – founded the "Amici di Andreas" association, in memory of Andreas Schmeidler, with the ambition to promote and encourage the work of young talents who stand out as entrepreneurs for their creativity in fashion and digital, in the spirit of a forerunner, a very successful manager, a pioneer in online sales, such as Andreas was.

The award was conceived together with Marc Sondermann, CEO of Fashion Magazine, a great estimator of Andreas Schmeidler and an accomplice of his in various public areas, always based on the primacy of digital as well as on respect and curiosity between cultures and peoples.