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Mittelmoda International Lab

For us, young designers come first!
Mittelmoda is one of the most sought-after and well-known fashion competitions at an international level.


Created in 1993, the project has been developing an international network of contacts with over 600 schools of fashion design in 67 countries, thus becoming a concrete chance of exchange and comparison for the young designers’ creativity.

Mittelmoda is also Lab, permanent observatory on the emerging creativity involved and reached by the contest.
The project is non-profit, independent, and for this reason is able to aim at supporting the young designers’ creativity unconditionally, offering a meeting point and a place where to compare ideas, proposals, innovations and creations to the representatives of the leading brands in the fashion design system, to the international mass media, to the specialized public, to the professors, to the graduates in fashion design as well as to the emergent fashion talent.

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With the aim of transforming the network of Mittelmoda into a permanent observatory and of making more systematic the project of giving value to the creative emerging resources at an international level, in 2000 the Association Mittelmoda International Lab was created in collaboration with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Sistema Moda Italia and Camera di Commercio di Gorizia.

Mission and formal instruments of the Lab converge to give life to concrete opportunities of meeting between textile-style-design companies, designers and academies.

Since its very beginning Mittelmoda Lab has become a means of contacts and collaborations between the different actors of the fashion system, through special projects built around fashion brands’ needs, promotional events promoted by category associations and cultural initiatives casting lights on the artistic contamination.

Among the experiences of experimental meeting between emerging stylists and the market, which have become real thanks to the numerous Mittelmoda projects, there are the permanent employment of creative talent inside the companies, with a high level of satisfaction of the brands considering their needs of new and qualified professional resources.


Since September 2008 the President of Mittelmoda International Lab has been Matteo Marzotto, following Giuseppe Modenese, called by the foundation of the Association and nominated today its Honorary President.

Systemic positioning

Since its very beginning the project received support from associative leading realities in the fashion system at an international level, such as Confindustria Moda, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and SMI – Sistema Moda Italia. The cultural and industrial value of the creative approach, inserted in the fashion system and celebrated with success, represents in the current critic framework of the economic system, a strength worldwide recognised.

International positioning

Special projects developed in collaboration with technical sponsors and important institutional collaborations, within fashion weeks and recognised fashion appointments, amplify the visibility of the Mittelmoda brand, underlining the project’s success in catalysing the concept of centrality of Italy non much as made in Italy, but as cradle of international creativity, mood that Mittelmoda strongly represents.

Technical value

To give credit to the brand Mittelmoda also through a permanent programme of projects and collaborations means to maintain high the level and the number of the applications to the contest and consequently to rise the technical value and the talent scout of the project, which proves to be an important means for Style Offices and leading fashion brands, always on the lookout for new and valid professional designers to employ in the companies.


Among the experiences of experimental meeting between emerging stylists and the market, The technical value of the project Lab has been proved since its creation by the unconditioned support of the most representative associative realities within the fashion system and by the progressive adhesion to the initiative, in different forms, of Italian as well as international recognised brands and realities such as:

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