Yinghua Wu

China / ON STAGE


London College of Fashion







Yinghua Wu, a visionary fashion designer and entrepreneur, is the founder of Rhyzem, an esteemed fashion brand that made its mark in 2023. With a Master of Art in Fashion Design and Technology (Menswear) from the prestigious London College of Fashion, Yinghua honed her skills in various core modules such as Collaborative Challenge and Technical Analysis and Development.

Her educational journey began at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, where she completed her Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design with an Merit, earning a university scholarship. During her studies, she excelled in core modules such as Womenswear Structure and Pattern and Digital Fashion Illustration.
Yinghua's professional experience includes working as a Fashion Designer at MAISON SANS TITRE Studio, where she designed and developed numerous products for multiple seasons. Her creative prowess extended to accessories design, with a focus on footwear and bags. Additionally, she contributed to fabrics selection, CAD technical sheets, and played an integral role in the knitting process and product manufacturing.

Furthermore, Yinghua showcased her talents as a Sportswear Designer at Hotsuit Sportswear Co., Ltd, where she assisted in designing new products and played a key role in fabrics selection and development. She exhibited her strong analytical skills by closely monitoring the knitting process and scrutinizing pattern cutting details.
In 2023, Yinghua's entrepreneurial spirit led her to found her own brand, Rhyzem. With a strong aesthetic rooted in romance, she focused on achieving harmony between color and fabrication. Her designs incorporated draped structures, soft tailoring, jersey materials, digital prints, and knitwear, captivating fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Under Yinghua's leadership, Rhyzem quickly gained recognition, securing a coveted spot at the newest London Fashion Week. Her brand showcased collections that blended elegance with contemporary flair, captivating audiences and critics alike. Rhyzem's runway shows became highly anticipated events, showcasing artful compositions, captivating silhouettes, and innovative use of textiles.
Beyond her professional achievements, Yinghua remained committed to sustainability, attention to detail, and creating timeless pieces.

Her dedication and talent earned Rhyzem a loyal following and critical acclaim.
Yinghua Wu's journey from a fashion designer to a entrepreneur is a testament to her exceptional skills and entrepreneurial drive. Through Rhyzem, she has solidified her position as an influential figure in the fashion industry, with her brand's presence at London Fashion Week serving as a testament to her achievements and creative vision.