Tuuli-Tytti Koivula

Finland / ON STAGE


Aalto University







This collection explores how two different cultures can co-exist peacefully and create value for each other. I witnessed this phenomenon in small Alp-villages while visiting them for alpine ski training. I saw how the traditional culture was mixing up with ski racing culture, while international teams would visit small villages, train and compete in glaciers. It was fun to see farmers sitting in a pub, next to foreign skiing coaches. Athletes training in a field next to cows, realizing that the ski employees were those same farmers during the summer season.

Over the years I visited the glaciers, it was sad to notice how they were melting and shrinking year by year, and at one point I saw flowers growing through snow. I wanted to comment that bittersweet and sad view in the prints. Also repeats in the prints follow slalom courses zigzag shape. The collection tells a story of imaginary placed Blumental, and the outfits have their own stories and characters, which for example include Evil Ski Lady, her Good Snow Sister and the carefree After Ski Babe.

Inspirations are mostly from ski racing gear and the Bregenzerwalds’ traditional costume Juppe, which is a living tradition - now even part of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage. Embroidered fabrics and hand knitting play a big role in the collection, as all the fabrics are hand emroidered. In this collection I have used sustainable vadding made of Tyrollean sheep wool.