Thanh Nguyen








My name is Thanh Nguyen, I’m 22-years old fashion student at Esmod Oslo. Living in Oslo, but original from Vietnam. I was raise in a small city call Lierbyen, but I move to the big city, Oslo, because higher education. I’m in my last year of study, where I developer my diploma collection, which will be shown on June 6th.

I was on a study trip to Guangzhou, China, in 2017. I visited a denim factory where they produce jeans and other denim product, and where they gives jeans a different type of secondary treatment and wash.

I study how the denim material is processed through different processes from ma- chine-woven until sold as jeans with different of wear and tear. I compared these process and all the treatment, with a slaughterhouse. The impression I got from these factor visits, I used as the starting point for her diploma collection.

The main fabric in this collection is denim. Where I create new versions out of the ordinary substance, through re-invented my own fabric by tearing and destroying the fabric. My pieces became because of I believing in the fabric and tradition craftsman- ship. I want to challenging and change people ́s perceptions how they see in fabric, and turn in daily wardrobe cloth to something creative and stylish for people. 

Environmentally friendly (ECO) is a big word these days. Must of established brands today is attempt to be a part of this society. Find their own why to be ECO friendly. I want to jump on this future fashion, by contribute my way to be environmental. That’s why I have been focus that nothing I tearing or cutting out is being wasted. So my main focus is ZERO WASTE. Residues of the fabric are used to create different prod- uct, develop them into accessories and our shopping bags. I want the shopping bag to be used more than once, and be our customer daily life. I relate it to the Vietnamese (Asia) culture where they use every piece of the animal for both food and other prod- ucts. I want to bring this cultur more in to our life, and notice this kind of lifestyle.