Sara Pavani



Accademia di Costume e di Moda





I studied at the classical high school Istituto Gesù-Maria, later I enrolled in Accademia Costume e Moda in Rome.

During these three and a half years in the academy I learned so much, especially working in a group, because we have participated in several competitions and extracurricular group projects.

We collaborated with Wind the first year, during the second year with the Euroma 2 shopping center to realize a neoprene accessories project.

During the last year we joined the Woolmark and Brioni prize, and I was able to realize an outfit with parka, later with nine other of my teammates expose it to Milano Unica.

Always in this year I participated with a clothing and an accessories and won the category of clothing at the twenty-seventh edition of RMI, which was presented at the Altaroma.

The clothing award was an internship at the Max Mara group, for which I am doing an internship, that I started just a month after my degree at the academy, promoted with 110 cum laude.

My graduation project is the collection that I am presenting in this competition, which I had already been able to present this reverse with Altaroma together with 14 of my classmates on the occasion of the Academy's talent that is presented every year. To participate, it was necessary to overcome the comparison with jurors.