Petra Jeric



Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana





Petra Jerič is a young designer from Slovenia. She is studying fashion design at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana. Currently she is working as an intern at Iris van Herpen atelier in Amsterdam, where she is getting a closer look at the haute couture fashion and new technologies used in fashion design. 

During her bachelor degree she took part in Ljubljana Fashion Week every year. In 2017, she got a M Magazine prize for her 3rd year final collection. The same year she won the Sweetfashion competition in Koper. An article about her winning collection was published in Elle Slovenia magazine. She also had an opportunity to work on some interesting projects. In 2017, she took part in designing installation with the main emphasis on light for Lighting Guerrilla Festival. For this project she worked in a team which combined textile, art and innovation. She values handmade work. She had the pleasure of designing lace for Idrija Lace Festival twice, in 2015 and 2018. She designed a contemporary lace with preserving the main qualities of traditional Slovenian lace.

Coming from a small country full of cultural heritage and nature diversity, she takes her inspiration from the environment that surrounds her. Her aesthetic is based on handmade details and the movement of oversized silhouettes. She likes to experiment with new materials and techniques in order to get innovative designs. Her designs are always very personal and full of emotions as can be seen in her current collection. 

She got the inspiration for the collection from a handmade corn husk doormat made by her great-grandmother, who was born in 1911 and passed away already. The doormat reminds her of her beloved great-grandmother and at the same time makes her think about transience of human life and the meaning of human existence. In her design she succeeded to join the past and the future. The doormat also has a beautiful but ratty texture which she transmitted on her outfits with a special technique that combines old hand techniques of quilting and smocking.