Miriam Prat Gutiérrez



LCI Barcelona





Miriam Prat Gutiérrez is a 23-year-old Fashion Designer, based in London and Barcelona. 
Born and raised in a small village in the Pre-Pyrenees, she was able to be in constant contact with nature and organic shapes, which nowadays have the power to inspire her designs.

Her journey started with a keen visual eye and an interest in art and its meaning. Through the years Miriam realized she wanted to make her impact in the Fashion world. Miriam graduated in Fashion Design at LCI BARCELONA, and HAW- HAMBURG, in 2017.
Her work has been exhibited in the MACBA, the museum of contemporary arts in Barcelona. As well as in "HJ LIVE 2017" in Dublin in collaboration with the hairdresser and stylist Joanne O'Neill, and "ExCel HJ LIVE 2017" in London. 

In 2017 Miriam was selected for the NJAL's team as a member of Black Sheep, a selection of designers from the NJAL community that the scouting team identified as innovative, striking and pioneering. 
During her last year of studies, Miriam represented her university in a national artesanal event called The Craftroom, in Barcelona.

Miriam was one of the 50 selected finalists to take part in an international contest (Arts of Fashion Competiton- Displacement in San Francisco, California) - the competition received a total of 339 applications from 32 countries and 111 Universities. There she was awarded with the PUBLIC AWARD and the AOF SCHOLARSHIP AWARD – PARIS SUMMER MASTERCLASS 2018.! She worked as a design assistant intern for the London based brands Rejina Pyo and RACIL in 2017. Nowadays, Miriam is the Head of design at Animal Eye London, a street-style menswear brand founded in 2017. 

Recently, she has been one of the 5 nominees to take part of REBELPIN 2018 - Fashion awards by ACTE competition in July 2018, as well as one of the 23 finalists of the esteemed Mittelmoda competition. Miriam sees fashion as a union of all artistic disciplines - her aim is to concentrate on the way new technologies and materials can affect fashion and combine these with the traditional and artisanal techniques, to create garments which allow people to express themselves.