Istituto Marangoni





Minjin Kim was born in Masan South Korea in 1993. 
From her childhood, she was interested in art activities, like painting or hand crafts. So when she was little, she used to make garments for her barbie dolls, with colored paper and the glue. From this moments, her interest of fashion design has begun. And also she really liked to draw paintings, she liked to draw what she imagined, because she enjoyed imagining. 

Now, She still likes to draw paintings, so when she has free time, she draws oil paintings. 
Anyways, She was grown up in really free circumstances. From her childhood she could decide what she wanted, like hobby or study materials, because, her parents also showed really favorable attitude about what she wanted to do. 
This background affected to her decision to study abroad. 
when she was in high school she started to took art class, to enter the art university. During this period, she was eager to study abroad. 

So finally she started to study fashion design in Istituto Marangoni Milano, in 2015. She would like to describe this period, ‘it’s one of the best moment in my life’. Because she learned lots of things during this period. She said ‘it was my first step to be the fashion designer, learned lots of useful things and all the things are the basics of my career path.’ After the graduation of triennale, she took also fashion design master menswear course in Marangoni Milano. 
In 2020 she graduated in Istituto Marangoni Milano, fashion design master menswear, and now she works as a freelancer fashion designer in small designer brand in Korea , called ' the Silence Philosophy'.  
Together with working, she is concentrate on her own works for her personal portfolio. At the same time, she always study and learn, graphic design skills and tools like photoshop, illustrator, and InDesign. 

To tell the methods how she gets, inspirations, she normally gets inspirations from everything near her. So they can be the feeling, current mood, memories and people who she met. She really enjoys thinking about the past, and memories that she has, so many of her collections were inspired from the past and re-created with her own thoughts. 
And also she does many activities to get better inspirations, like drawing, dancing, singing, even doesn’t look like being related to inspirations. 
In other words, she tries hard to get inspirations from any part of the life. 
Anyways she wants to be a fashion designer, and she wants work for long, as much as she can. So she is going to try more to achieve her own goals.