University of Westminster



Min Lee studied UX design, before studying fashion design in London. She graduated from Westminster in 2020. She explores the composition/layout of garments and creative fabrication for fashion with her deep understanding of construction of garments and her graphic design background. In terms of her aesthetic, she likes to distort the conventional way of design, while she accept and practice it. She believes it is appropriate for her to express her narratives.

Prior to studying design, she painted for 10 years and did theatre for 6 years, which enables her to express her thoughts better via various media, such as photography or art direction. Her studying in London became a big turning point in her life. She have already known that fashion industry is second worst to the Earth.

She started to collect binned fabrics and excess pieces since 1st year, also unpicked trimmings from the clothes thrown away. She once sourced herself used curtain and made it into 2 looks. She also used this left over secondhand curtain for her A/W 20 Collection. Furthermore, Lee got the scholarship from British Fashion Council to develop sustainable fabric which was made of paper fibre with silk fibre and cotton fibre which can be appreciated in Lee’s A/W 20 collection.

This fabric is appropriate to be washed, biodegradable, and nontoxic. Lee aims to develop this technique further in the future, as well as trying to put the binned materials back onto the product life cycle. In fact, she started to make the garments using binned materials, fabrics left over from previous works and garments thrown away/used garments which are not from the shop, to launch her sustainable label ‘Weekly.Minswear’.

Lee’s goal regarding this label is not to produce further demands on the materials for garment construction. Once ‘Weekly.Minswear’ is launched, we can meet her own sustainable fashion, once a week.