Megan Thomas

Ireland / ON STAGE


NCAD - National College of Art and Design





Megan Thomas is a passionate and creative fashion student with a strong understanding of the fashion industry. Currently studying at the prestigious National College of Art & Design (NCAD), Megan has honed her skills in design, textiles, and garment construction. With a keen eye for detail and a love for storytelling, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to apply her knowledge and skills in a real-world setting.

Born with a natural affinity for fashion, Megan's journey has been shaped by her personal experiences and a deep appreciation for the art of design. One significant influence on her work stems from the captivating love story of her glamorous grandparents, whose honeymoon in Jersey coincided with the renowned 'Battle of Flowers' festival in 1960. Inspired by their enchanting tale, Megan embarked on extensive research to uncover her grandfather's involvement in the fine leather glove manufacturing business.

As Megan delved into the world of glove manufacturing, she discovered the meticulous craftsmanship and intricate details that defined these accessories. Fascinated by the artistry and the stories held within each pair of gloves, she drew inspiration from their patterns, techniques, forms, and structures. Translating this inspiration into her designs, Megan incorporated elements from the gloves, creating garments that celebrated the legacy of her grandfather's business.

One notable feature of the 'Battle of Flowers' collection is the inclusion of removable pockets. Recognising the importance of personalisation and functionality, Megan introduced this innovative design element to empower customers to tailor their clothing according to their unique needs and preferences. This customisation option adds versatility to the garments, allowing wearers to transform them eortlessly to suit various occasions.

With a focus on minimal aesthetics and clean lines, Megan's collection offers customers elegant clothing that transcends trends and can be styled in numerous ways. The versatility of her designs enables individuals to seamlessly transition from casual outings to formal events, providing a sense of effortless sophistication. 
By blending timeless appeal with modern sensibilities, Megan aims to create garments that not only make wearers look good but also feel confident and empowered.

Megan's journey in fashion has been enriched by her diverse experiences, including her time working as a cabin crew member for Emirates, the largest international airline. This role taught her invaluable lessons about the importance of cultural sensitivity, creativity, and maintaining composure under pressure. Additionally, she gained hands-on experience in providing exceptional customer service to a diverse range of passengers, further enhancing her communication and problem-solving skills.

Prior to her work at Emirates, Megan honed her retail skills as a retail assistant at Dune London. During her time there, she developed a deep understanding of customer needs, providing excellent service and demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge of the products. Her ability to meet and exceed sales targets showcased her determination and drive for success.

Megan's educational journey began at Wilson's Hospital School, where she cultivated a passion for art and design. This enthusiasm led her to pursue a Fetac Level 5 - Portfolio Preparation Course in Art, Craft & Design at Liberties College Dublin, further expanding her artistic capabilities.

Megan Thomas is a dedicated and talented fashion student, fuelled by a desire to create garments that embody elegance, versatility, and personal significance. With her 'Battle of Flowers' collection, she artfully combines elements from her family's history, showcasing her ability to weave storytelling into her designs. Megan's journey is characterised by her unwavering commitment to excellence, and she eagerly looks forward to making a lasting impact in the fashion industry.