Marika Hellmund

Germany / ON STAGE


HAW Hamburg School of Applied Sciences




Marika, 27, is a fashion design graduate from the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg and trained media businesswoman. She now works as a freelance stylist for editorial and commercial campaigns and has started her own jewelry collection. Her latest collection QUANTIFIED SELF was featured on the young format NEO FASHION at Berlin Fashion Week.

Marika always approaches her design in a conceptual-theoretical way - her collections deal with current topics from sociology and politics and are always created under sustainable aspects considering cradle to cradle, upcycling and traditional handwork. In the future, she would like to combine sustainability with avant-garde design.



QUANTIFIED SELF explores the influence of self-tracking in combination with social media on the individual self.  I have experimented with Photoshop and beautification apps like Facetune and digitally warped prints and patterns.

Life size frameworks made of steel symbolize the process of disembodiment during the transformation of the human body into a mere data body. The collection triggers discomfort: We are trapped in our own digital observation and voluntary create our own surveillance state.