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ABOUT maria

My collection “Preferirei del verde tutto intorno” (directly translated: “I would prefer some green all around”) narrates the story of a girl born in the countryside, who moved way too early to the city that will soon enough start being too tight for her, as she will start missing the country where she grew up in as a child.

The only thing left to her now, is this desire to escape from the city: reason why she approaches the world of punk, being fascinated by their aggressive and eccentric look that will serve her as inspiration for her personal “revolution”.

From the punk style, she will borrow the use of leather, but choosing a vegan option, coming from cacti, and will put it near light fabrics, as organdy, and rough textiles, as raphia, as a memory of her beloved countryside. She will unravel the raphia in resemblance of grass threads that used to brush against her legs, and she will cut the leather in the shape of flowers to apply them on her clothes, all to cover herself of that rural memory of home, that feels so far now.

This is the only way she allowed to evade the grey city, coloring it with the shades of nature and choosing eco-sustainable fabrics, to give the city some of the nature that used to be hers. “I would prefer some green all around” becomes an actual motto, that intends to incite people to get closer to the rural world, in the attempt to make countryside and city coexist.