Margherita Di Placido



Istituto Marangoni - Paris





I am the daughter of two high school teachers who imparted to me the love for knowledge and all kind of arts. Furthermore, I have always felt the strong need to communicate through my creativity, as a voice and a weapon for the woman who is wearing my designs.

Then, I developed a passion for drawing, craftsmanship, poetry, cinema, architecture and design - all arts and themes which are essential sources of inspiration for my fashion collections. However, all the surrounding world is a source of inspiration to me, especially humans feelings in contemporary society.

For this collection I made a research about the actual woman environment, follow the trend new-stalgia. In particular, the collection takes inspiration from the movie “The Virgin Suicide”, with its 70’s ambient and the pink lights, covering the depression and pressure of the main characters.
The collection tells the story about our contemporary human and woman situation, with a specific focus on the depression and loneliness of the millennials.
The pressure from a society that is expecting to see miracles from the generation that lived the most big communication and digital changes.

The feeling to be always alone, even with people. To be always unappreciated, not understood and far away from everything: in a blurry, blind and suffocating atmosphere. On this way, a young-beauty generation becomes troubled. The woman as a human being, becomes a fragile nymph to be rescued from herself, a figure damaged that it looks like a Egon Schiele’s painting, interrupted and fragmented, search for the solution to be herself in this world.