Luting Chen

China / ON STAGE


London College of Fashion





I am Luting Chen, the founder of the eponymous menswear brand, Luting Chen. In February 2023, I graduated with a Distinction Degree (A+, Top 1%) in MA Menswear Design and Technology from the London College of Fashion. My graduate project received high acclaim, being recognized as the most impressive work of the year by the course leader. It was also hailed as "redefining the ideology of sizes and body shapes in menswear" by Nina Maria of 1 Granary.

My passion lies in extending the lifespan of garments and addressing sizing issues to promote sustainability and inclusivity in the fashion industry. My vision is to design garments that are friendly to men of different ages and body types. Through continuous collaboration with plus-size models in the UK, I have established a strong relationship that enables me to understand their unique needs and challenges.
During London Fashion Week, I had the honor of inviting James Corbin, a renowned plus-size model, to walk the runway for my brand. The positive response further strengthened my resolve to fill the market gap in plus-size menswear, providing elegant and well-fitting options for men of all sizes.

In addition to my collaborations with plus-size models, I had a special collaboration with local elderly gentlemen in London. Together with photographer Laura, we invited seniors from different professions to wear my collection and conducted a photo shoot in a beautiful garden. The experience left me deeply touched by the impeccable lifestyle and irresistible charisma of these British gentlemen.
I invite you to join me in celebrating the timeless elegance that can be found in every stage of life. Let us break free from the limitations imposed by age and embrace the enduring
allure of style and sophistication. Together, we can foster a fashion industry that is not bound by age but instead celebrates the inherent beauty and diversity of individuals at every stage of their journey.

Recognizing the potential of my collection, London College of Fashion sponsored me to showcase my second collection at New York Fashion Week. This opportunity allowed me to introduce my inclusive designs to a global audience and gain invaluable exposure in the industry. Additionally, I collaborated with Document Journal to create a powerful fashion film that celebrated inclusivity.
The press coverage for my MA Graduate Project, titled "TIMELESS," was extensive. Interviews with prestigious publications such as 1 GRANARY, WOO Mag, ES Magazine, The Pink Prince Mag, tmrw Magazine, and KALTBLUT Mag showcased the innovative approach I took in reimagining menswear. The project was not only published at London Fashion Week but also received recognition internationally. I was sponsored to present a runway show in Dubai, where "TIMELESS" was awarded for its groundbreaking design concepts.

Even during my undergraduate studies, my talent and creativity were recognized. My BA Graduate Project garnered press coverage in esteemed publications like L'OFFICIEL, Bazaar China, and ANON Fashion Mag. Furthermore, it was selected to be featured in the 2020 Labelhood Fashion Show in Shanghai, a platform that showcased emerging designers and their unique visions.

Through my work and collaborations, I aim to reshape the fashion industry by promoting inclusivity and sustainability. By challenging traditional notions of sizes and body shapes, I hope to create a world where fashion is accessible and empowering for all individuals, regardless of their age or physique. With each collection and project, I aspire to push boundaries, inspire change, and contribute to a more inclusive future.