Laura Recaldini

Cazzago San Martino, ITALY / ON STAGE


IED - Istituto Europeo di Design





I’m Laura Recaldini, I’m 21 years old and and I’m attending the third year of IED.

I’m an incessant researcher and for this reason my creative identity is constantly evolving. In my garments I look for practicality, protection and simplification that give the possibility of overlapping.

At the base of my works there is a very strong and insatiable research of fabrics. That’s why the collection I present at Mittelmoda is the thesis project on which I’m working titled “Memoria su tela”, a journey inspired by my grandparents born and raised in a small village in Val Camonica unknown to most, Cimbergo.

It is a work that combines the ancient crafts of the mountain and the technical and sporty part of those who frequent the mountain for passion.

This fusion has given life to different garments for use and for material in which the nylon melts with the heavy wool and the clothes are mixed with the k-way and the ski jackets.

It is a work strongly linked to craftsmanship, yarn and fiber, in fact some of the woolen fabrics of my collection are designed and created by me using manual looms.

The most interesting part is the chromatic correspondence between the human being and the world around him: the subject assumes the colors of the earth, of the green and yellow fields, of the straw and of the cloudy sky.