Kuan Wang










My name is Kuan Wang, I was born in at my parentsstudio in China, where I spent  most of my childhood. Benefiting from a warm and supporting family which is packed with designers and pattern-makers. I grew up with the dream of becoming a fashion designer.

The richness of my childhood, the ideas about fashion design come from my parents and their colleagues at studio as they allowed me to touch and use their fabrics. They have unreservedly imparted their know-how to me which has helped to have a clear vision of my career. Thanks to that, I started designing clothes since I was 12 years old and I’ve never stopped since then.

Design became my favorite and nature ways of expressing myself, I managed to establish an emotional attachment with my designs.
Growing up learning this wonderful profession was anything but work for me.

Before I came to France, I was majored in plastic art
in China, which also helped me to define and develop my own style.

During this period, I started to promote a deeper understanding of colors, different shapes of silhouettes. All the abstract ideas became real and clear, and It was a new world for me.

That was the moment where
I become me with my own vision and a different goal as realizing my dream.


Life is full of surprise like the Pandora’s box. I came to Paris, started my fashion design and pattern-make study at ESMOD Paris where I’ve started a new life by learning a totally different language: French; making patterns over nights, making friends, understanding the cultural diversities etc.

I’ve practiced all my skills that I’ve acquired during my childhood in this whole new world with a different point of view.
The strictness of China meeting the freedom of France.


I graduated from ESMOD with a diploma in men’s wear design in 2014. The program consists of 2 core modules: Styling, pattern making and 2 optional modules. I was registered in fabric development  and leather.
A really new vision of fashion was living in me, with t
he dream as source of imagination, and I could, finally, mixed up two different cultures and all my knowledge.

I created my
own brand after my graduation which called 
VIRUS PARIS to express positively what fashion has done to me, a full dedication to art and inspiration worldwide.
The creation is based on a reflection of the Humanity.

The minimalism of shapes meets the complexity of personality, evoked by discrete but powerful codes, as well as meaningful embroidery and prints. 
This ageless and sober silhouette represents the story of the construction of a person.
Inspiration comes from the different stages of life as well as from a feeling.

The volumes are translated through quality materials and are the translation of my story, a constant adaptation of an evolution, sometimes radically opposed, to create the best of each.

A dream that lives in me since the very beginning, that I carried in different countries, cultures and many obstacles.


I am also dedicated to do consulting for other brands since 2017
I accompany them from the creation of collections, until the production of prototypes. I am also responsible for their branding and international communication.
This new experience is for me, the way to access these positions very different from mine.

They are essential to this world and contribute considerably to my know-how and the evolution of my brand.

It is a multitude of experiences very beneficial to my passion of creator.


This future as long as it is, is the result of the dream lived.