Julie Delancker

Belgium / ON STAGE


Arsutoria School






My Name is Julie, I am a 25 year old alumni form Arsutoria (Italy, Milan).
I’m from Belgium but currently living in Milan.

I got into the shoe industry after an experience while shopping with my Mom, she was having trouble finding a nice shoe that fits her Hallux Valgus. Then I decided to do something about this. First I studied podiatry for the medical part and then went for the technical/design part at Arsutoria. My mission now is to create a nice shoe for all sizes and widths.

With my project I want to make people aware of the concept of ‘slow fashion’.
I want to build a community where I encourage people to look in their closet first to see what they have. To think before they buy a new piece of clothing. And if their jeans are no longer worn, they can donate them and I’ll give them a new life.