My name is Jeanette Plesse and I spent most of my life in Potsdam and Berlin. Working creatively with materials and colors in relation to clothing played an important role since my early childhood.

Because I decided to become a fashion designer at the age of five, I applied for an apprenticeship as a dressmaker after high-school. I learned a lot about craftsmanship and became more interested in needlework. In 2007, I graduated as a bespoke tailor and started my Bachelor studies 2009 in Berlin. Working in the fashion industry after graduating as a B.A. gave me a different view on being a fashion designer. After 3 years, I quit my job to study the Master of Arts in Fashion design. I left the fast paced industry to concentrate on craftsmanship and my design statement. With winning the perfume competition at HAW University, I realized that combining gender specific elements had been my strength since the beginning. In the past collections during my Bachelor studies and the following projects during my Masters, I questioned the boundaries of both sexes and started creating clean, distanced looks. For me, it is time to overcome social boundaries for more individuality in diversity. All of my projects have a deeper theme.

All selected fabrics were chosen by its quality, structure and color. Additionally, every single piece has longevity due to it’s really good quality. This way of working is geared to sustainability through longevity. Therefore, I was working strong in details. I checked every seam regarding its suitability. The quality was questioned to the design idea and must match to the fabrics characters. Long research for a theme allowed me to give my collection a deeper meaning. All pieces of my collections have theme specific details. “Out of Limits” was focused on the clichés and prejudices in men’s fashion. I created an interaction between elements of old craftmanship from women’s and men’s bespoke tailoring. I selected typically female fabrics and combined them with typical men’s cuts. That made it possible to walk on the line between both genders. It became possible to integrate female elements into men’s fashion.

In the future, I would like to give men a bigger range of fashion they can use to create and live their individuality. My vision is a new kind of luxury in fashion to feel comfortable and magnificent in the same way.