Istituto Marangoni




I am Giuseppe Danza, born in an Apulian family from Bari.
I have always been in love with every form of art, even as a child.
I probably inherited my artistic streak from my family, with a grandmother who painted and my father who loved drawing. As a teenager I felt a strong passion for the world of fashion.
I have always liked to experiment, design and create in a simple way, trying to get the best results with the use of poor materials, looking for used clothes, recovering old shirts and vintage garments from my grandparents’ wardrobe. 

This orientation has become a source of inspiration for my current creations.
Today I am continuously engaged in studying historical periods in order to extrapolate from the past some aesthetic identities, some styles and cultures to re-propose them in a modern and contemporary key. 

After graduating from the De Nittis Artistic High School in Bari, thanks to the boundless opportunities my parents have gifted me of through significant sacrifices, I moved to Milan where where I attended the three-year degree course in Fashion Design and Accessories (AFAM - Womenswear with pathway) at the Istituto Marangoni. It is the way in which I live with an unstoppable passion that leads me to design and create not only clothing, but also shoes, bags, up to eyewear and jewelry.