Istituto Modartech





My name is Giulia Ferruzza and I was born on January 27, 1999 in Florence, the city of my heart.

Since I was a child, I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in this fantastic world. My grandfather used to work in a fabric company and often brought me sample pieces with which I enjoyed creating princess dresses to play with my sister. Today I have discovered that "knotting" fabrics directly on the body, to create dreamy dresses, is called drapery. At the same time I spent most of my childhood with my great-grandmother who was one of those "old school dressmakers".

Burda, sewing machine and pots. And it is probably from her that I inherited these passions. I have studied fashion since the third year of high school in a technical institute where I was able to deepen in particular the part of technologies of materials and textile processes, but also to lay a good basis for pattern-making. It was at the end of this journey that I had the opportunity to create my first real garment, from research to creation, for the end-of-year fashion show. Later I wanted to continue my studies at the Modartech institute, where I was able to increase my knowledge and where I could once again try my hand at one of the disciplines that suits me best, which is pattern-making. I think that my super mathematical, precise and organized mind, has given me the possibility to be very in tune with this subject.

My graduation collection was about the theme of the new beauty standards, dealing with the topic of deformities and aesthetic diversities, in the era of inclusion. Through the use of pattern making, I went to create deformities and imperfections on my outfits, keeping my taste minimal and clean. In the search for materials, I tried to implement a sort of circular economy, recovering unused fabrics and leathers from companies and warehouses.