IED - Istituto Europeo di Design Milano





Fashion is a form of art. This thought has accompanied me since childhood as an intangible mystery that I needed to investigate. Fashion is an art for its intrinsic nature, capable of letting emotions rise, from the cozy ones of comfort, to the more noisy or insubordinate ones.

My name is Francesca Maria Ciani, I am a fashion designer graduated at the European Institute of Design in Milan, and I always remember wondering which stories the clothes around me were telling me.
Born and raised in Forl, I first directed my high school studies towards pedagogy, graduating in Education Sciences. Subsequently I enrolled and graduated at the Faculty of Fashion Cultures and Techniques of Rimini (Alma Mater Studiorum), where my passion for fashion and the corollary of associated social phenomena has grown exponentially.

I continued my work by training in a furniture company that gave me the opportunity to travel a lot, knowing new cultures and experiencing an even greater and stimulating creativity in design.
Ambitious and stubborn, I could not abandon a secret dream, and the one for fashion was calling out.

So in 2016 I decided to enroll in the Fashion Design course at the IED in Milan, from which I graduated with full marks. Here I learned the means that would finally give voice to my personal vision, to my story. And there it was, teaching me that everything, even us as people and as artists and art, are constantly changing.
To date, I have had the honor of being selected at the Alberta Ferretti style office for my first career in this sector.