Fabio Amore



Accademia KOEFIA






I was born in Rome in 1991.

In 2011 I started working in the fashion industry and following this experience I decided to study fashion design, I graduate in haute couture design from Accademia "Koefia", Rome, in 2017. 
I always had an interest in arts and I recently embraced an environmentally sustainable fashion approach. 
Following my personal research and studies, I am now able to outline my personal concept of sustainability.

In my school graduate dissertation, I found inspiration in the Japanese art of Kintsugi, the sublime artistry of giving a damaged vase a new life by filling the cracks with gold and therefore creating an unique item of incomparable beauty.

My outfit for Alta Roma fashion show consisted of a not treated white denim outerwear where I inserted the some unused part of the final project I made at Accademia Koefia stitching them with a golden thread.

I drew a unique pattern similar to the cracks of Kintsugi. My inspiration for this pattern comes from natural elements.

These cracks were successively embroidered using a natural material such as Capim Dourado, also known as vegetal gold. It is a plant which spontaneously grows in central Brazil in the little region called Jalapão, north east of  Tocantis State.

At first this plant was used to make home and simple tools. Nowadays it's an important resource for the local population.  It supports Jalapão region economy without exploitation of human resources or without the use of wrong resources.

For this reason it is a real example of sustainability.

My research goal is to use this approach even in fashion where beauty and luxury can be associated in the full respect of nature and life and their imperfections.