Eneken Johanson

Estonia / ON STAGE


Estonian Academy of Arts






I got inspired by the beauty and the pain of renovation process.
After a year of difficulties, I started to look back and understood how this roller-coaster journey impacted my life.
After the grand finale at our home, we realised, that we have ton of leftover materials and finding a way to mix construction work and its materials with fashion design was my biggest goal.

Throughout the research I discovered a truly amazing material- electrical wires and started to experiment with them I crocheted, knitted with hands, braided, bended and did so many different things, until I found a technique that carries my whole protection-wear collection, that will give you a touch of childishness with practicality and most importantly lets me to use up some waste.

The most important element in my collection is a flower. During our renovation I was very sad that I couldn't have any flowers in my home, so the first thing I did when our home was finally dust free- I bought a flower, which symbolises a new beginning and growth for me.