Elina Heilanen

Finland / ON STAGE


Aalto University






No Man's Garden
My BA graduate Collection "No Man's Garden" researches the works of H.D. Thoreau combining outwear aesthetics with elements from Renaissance garments.
Made solely from deadstock materials, all garments are handprinted with water-marbling and screen printing techniques.
I imagined a character who, at odds with civilization, leaves society to become one with landscape and wilderness and of the unmoving time - not to escape, but to find reality.
For them, the clothing is part of the surrounding lanscape as much as an armour against nature.

Thoreau's meaning of No Man's Garden is the true awe of being on the verge of something new and undiscovered.
I have not known or seen nature's true wilderness, but I know that of creativity and creation.
There is no map to this wildernes, and no end to the exploration.