Camilla Mannini

Italy / ON STAGE


Istituto Modartech





Sky that can sometimes make us damn or make us dream.
Sky that is often hostile, aversive to us and reserves only the worst for us.
Sky that instead gives us joys, satisfactions and congratulations.
Often in the evil we close in a hedgehog, ignoring the other and thinking: "It all happens to me", we think we are the only ones to feel bad or have a bad day, while it is not so.
We are all under the same sky. We all live the same life.
What makes someone on the other side of the world suffer is the same suffering that comes to visit us.
We all live in times of uncertainty and anxiety, we have all experienced it, we are all experiencing it.
But often the stars can give us comfort and improve our darkest days.
Astrology presents itself as a lifeline precisely because it has no limits in its intervention. How come? Because people today prefer to rely on a different interpretation to understand reality.
Seek comfort elsewhere.
So, as a famous song by Bennato says… ”Second star on the right this is the path and then straight, until morning. Then you find the road for yourself, it leads to the island that doesn't exist ". So let's not give up our innocence, let's not pretend we don't see the pain of others.
But let's learn to observe this wonderful sky. And to love him without expecting him to tell us what will happen tomorrow. Let's try to be grateful to the universe today and to learn to welcome tomorrow, hoping for ever better times.

“Sotto lo stesso cielo" comes from the desire for rebirth, it is a return to dreams that anxieties and uncertainties have closed in a drawer.

He wants to emphasize how the problems of each of us are more common than we think and sometimes we can find an outlet in astrology.

In fact, the inspiration for this collection was the Celestial Vault of the Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola, which is a representation of the constellations during the winter solstice. The fresco was completely redone by me and a young tattoo artist in a fine-line style, and then became the main graphic of the collection. It was transferred onto the fabric using the serigraphy technique, made in the workshop of a Florentine craftsman, piece by piece. This is why each garment is UNIQUE!

The collection is characterized by a meticulous attention to detail, from the search for the highest quality materials, to the creation of upcycling shoes to the details of jacquard knitwear.

The color palette in shades of white wants to represent a new beginning, a starting point from which to start living again, after these terrible years that we have all lived.

“Under the same sky” is a reminder that despite how dark a period may be, we will always have a shoulder or a star to rely on.