My name is Caitlin Eve Elton, I am 27 years old and recently finished my Bachelor of Fashion Design at Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia. 

I am from Cairns (Far North Queensland), and have made a home for myself in Melbourne (Victoria) since beginning my studies two years ago. 

At the age of seven, I received a second hand sewing machine as a gift from my grandmother and realised I had the power to create absolutely anything I wanted. My mum's yellow bedsheet soon became a two-piece outfit that I made with patterns traced off old clothes. Teaching myself to sew opened my eyes to the world of fashion and, like pandora's box, I ended up steering my life and career down a fairly unorthodox path. 

Many people, including teachers in school, warned me that fashion was a fantasy career choice and few people can actually find success. Regardless of those opinions, I have dedicated most years of my life to chasing my dreams. By studying, researching and diving head-first into what I'm most passionate about and staying confident in my abilities. So far, I have exceeded anything I could have believed possible as a 7 year old, smitten by that rusty old sewing machine. 

Graduating this year, I designed and made a collection that I am so incredibly proud of. Always experimenting and pushing boundaries, as a designer, I find myself drawn to the unusual, unknown or forgotten periods in time, culture and fashion. Moments, styles, music, stories - sometimes even a single word - that give you a feeling of fireflies in your stomach. Little pockets in history that seem misunderstood or forgotten. All of these things I find worth chasing, uncovering and bringing to light to experiment and play and unite in a realm of design. 

I am beyond excited for my future in this industry, and have to pinch myself every now and then seeing how far I've come already. I can only dream of what will happen next!