Beatrice Stenmark

Sweden / ON STAGE


The Swedish School of Textile





Hair-dressing explores a meeting between the important social phenomenon of human hairstyling and textile techniques such as tufting, knitting, felting, coating, and heatfixating.

In this way, the collection places hairstyles within the field of fashion in an alternative way, showing how inspiration from hairstyles can produce creative results when combined with textiles and fashion.

In my work, I have put a great deal of emphasis on craftsmanship and allowed for time-consuming textile techniques and material developments in my design process, based on a desire to create high-end slow fashion. All of the materials are made from yarn to finished material by hand by me in different techniques.

Digital sketching has been used as the generator of ideas, in which hairstyles could be blended with garments to inspire material developments and garment shapes.