Ayse Kaya

Trebisonda, TURKEY / ON STAGE


NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti






My work is heavily influenced by my cultural background and my upbringing.
I consider myself lucky to have been born in Turkey and to have absorbed the richness of our culture and the warmth of our people.

From the fishermen in Trabzon to the palaces in Istanbul I find beauty and inspiration in every corner.
With my design I want to elevate my culture and showcase it in an international platform and I want to create garments that comfort and embellish women.

Since an early age I was impressed by the way women manage themselves in society. How we display or hide different facets of ourselves depending on the occasion.

This duality of hiding and revealing inspired me to create this collection. A collection that at first sight seems all black, protective and utilitarian but at closer inspection it reveals beautiful florals, whit rich embroidery bursting from the inside of the garments.