Anželika Mändmaa is a Fashion Designer from Estonia. This year I finished the Estonian Academy of Arts and I have Master´s Degree in Fashion Design. I wrote my Master's Thesis on „Effective realization of wool resource created in Zoo for design“. I have found solutions on how to use the wool of the exclusive wool animals living in the Zoo, through design. Therefore, I have created products for which I will try to improve welfare of the animals living in the Zoo. Over the past year, I have applied my knowledge to Wile Farm designing women's basic knitwear and working as an interior product manager and decorator at Gardest Garden Centre.

In 2016-2017, I worked in Baltika Group as an assistant for designers Ivo Nikkolo and Bastion Brand. Also in 2015 I cooperated with IRIS JANVIER.

I grew up a small village in a beautiful part of Southern Estonia along with pure nature and animals. I am still affected by my childhood roots, hence my creation is often inspired by nature and environment where I grew up in. The textural part of this collection is also inspired by nature   ̶ the reed. The reed gives me chaotic feelings because the growth of the reed at the same time is systematic and correct. On the other hand it looks very shaggy. Inspired by that, I decided to use systematic knitting techniques to knit the fringes on my design, but the final result looks chaotic and it creates new textures and shapes.

Knitting gives me the opportunity to experiment with new forms and structures. I decided to make my first full knitwear collection completely white because it brings out texture. WHITE is characterized by bliss, success, lightness, simplicity, sincerity and respect.  All that is needed for a new beginning. What cannot be attributed to the white colour- it always leads to something good, gentle and untouched. WHITE- strong, gentle and the same time so easily broken! Purity of the white colour feels for me like a pure nature and a new beginning compared with reed that makes a sense of mighty chaos.