Antonia Schreiter



University of the Arts in Berlin





My name is Antonia Schreiter, I am 23 years old and I was born and grew up in Berlin. After graduating from high school in 2013, I decided to apply for a fashion design study at the University of the Arts in Berlin.
The creative work with materials and illustration in relation to clothing played an important role for me already at an early age. During my study I saw the chance to get to know the methods of design and craftsmanship.

During my study I gained experiences through internships abroad as well as in Paris at ZeitParis Berlin and New York at Jason Wu for HUGO BOSS NY, which was very enriching for me.
Since the beginning of my study I have been aware of the radical changes in the fashion industry and I am becoming increasingly aware of how difficult it is today to become successful as a fashion designer. But these changes challenge me more and more to make a difference in fashion, to be morally and ethically committed and to question the values of people in today's society. As a designer, you are responsible for positioning yourself, deciding where to produce and at whose cost.

In my previous collections and projects as well as in my final collection I am primarily concerned with the craft, with traditions of the clothing industry and with different types and possibilities of handcraft.
My primary goal is to restore value to the garment itself, whether through the quality of workmanship, the complexity of the cut, the richness of details or through elaborate material processing. This is to add the personal value to the material value. It is important to me to return value to clothing, especially at a time when the fast fashion industry is reducing the value of clothing and feeding the consumer behavior of society. I am always concerned with the question of how I want to work as a future designer, which people I want to reach and why. For me it is essential to take a step back, to consider traditions, to bring them back to life, to give meaning to the word originality again and to value the history of production.

The connection between past and future are the two contrasts that I try to connect again and again. How can old-fashioned and contemporary be combined and reinterpreted? Sustainability means not only to invent new reusable materials, but also to look back on what has been available for years and to combine it with something new.

My whole study I tried to challenge myself by working with textiles and silhouettes especially with the focus on menswear tailoring. I just graduated this April 2018 and after my graduation I want to apply for a Master program to leave the education with the most variety of experiences to be as good as possible prepared for the fashion industry and to accomplish my goal of establishing my own label.