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Getting out of my hometown helped me to find myself, a new versi on without limits and so doing, I rediscovered a new kind of freedom. The course of the Master has been really hard as well as full of satisfactions. The deadlines set for each project and the countless exams have helped me to have a constant planning.

And in the end, I reached every goal with the utmost seriousness, humility and desire to always improve myself. The collections for Balenciaga, Valentino and for the thesis allowed me to perceive a different vision of fashion, by mixing various cultures with each other like heterogeneous historical periods that, combined with personal knowledge, have given life to ever new results. The choice of undertaking this path starts from the desire of experimentation, by linking technologies and processes to create innovative styles, while maintaining a strong tradition of the savoir-faire. The Master experience made me understand how important it’s to always find a solution to a problem, how important it’s to work not only individually but, especially in a group, sharing different ideas to achieve a unique result. In such a complicated year, I learned that resilience is not just a word written in a dictionary, but a lifestyle that has helped me on a daily basis, in achieving my goals and dreams. In this way I was able to find my inner identity by understanding the strengths that characterize myself.

Every my creations is a journey that I live in first person: it’ s a new experience. I’m in love with research process by discovering the most hidden peculiarities of two or more different cultures, artistic styles, ways of thinking different by joining them. I define my “retrò- avantgar de” style, creating new decorations, fabrics and lines with a look to the future. The knowledge I have acquired using tech engravings and processes come together with my passion: the Savoir-Faire. There is no future without historical memory!