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Accademia di Costume e Moda




Born in Russia, living in the land of Botticelli absorbing Italian romanticism and with London fever in my heart, me and my work are driven by eclectic cultural diversity.

Being a recent graduate of MA Alta Moda ( Haute Couture) at Accademia Costume e Moda and having a degree in Textile Design from Central Saint Martins, I have been trying to marry artisan techniques with high fashion, attempting to redefine haute couture.

Combining high quality fabrics with everyday materials creates new normal with upcycling at its heart. Treading on the thin line between reality and imagination through hand drawing and illustrative prints, tongue and cheek between colours and textures add humour and personality to my designs.

I aim my work to be more than just clothes, approaching each garment as a piece of jewellery, embellishing and manipulating it. Using traditional techniques with a modern twist. I want to create a parallel reality through story telling with my garments and bringing the joy of " dressing up" and a sense of community with in the audience.

Better future is something that we all need at this current situation I have graduated just before we all had to adapt to live with COVID and I am determined to grow and promote positivity through my work.