Florence, ITALY / ON STAGE






Alma Rinaldelli was born in April 1995 near Florence from a French mother.
Since very young, she dedicated herself to dance and was fascinated by the costumes and sets of the shows in which she took part.
That is the reason why she starts to draw and to design clothes, to which she also likes to add details borrowed from the countries visited during her many travels.

Her social commitment, with particular attention to humanitarian and ecological issues, is reflected in her garments. The Land of All represents the idea of a Future understood as a goal to be achieved. A Future characterized by no borders where Man, citizen and traveler of the World, identify himself in a unique huge Population, the Human Race.

In this melting pot Man has shaped an urban attire that preserves the classic ethnic forms but revisiting them; a return to the origins and to raw materials that coexist with the incessant development of a utility side.
In this new way of dressing of this population the signs of the tragedy of the Migrant Man are never forgotten, quite the opposite, this sad memory is commemorate with the presence of key elements such as life jackets and emergency isothermic blankets.