Alison Ivašić

Croatia / ON STAGE


Faculty of Textile Technology





My name is Alison Ivašić. I was born in Rijeka, Croatia on August 9th, 1997.
I graduated Textile and Fashion design at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb where I currently live and work.

Through my formative years and through university I always strived for a simple and very concise design language development that is present in my work and is constantly evolving. A great portion of my design process is underlined with research that is the basis for further development of concepts that eventually result in garment prototyping through hand drawn sketches, digitally drafted designs and computer generated 3D mockups.
This process helps me explore possibilities and design scenarios before carefully crafting them by hand and thus in the process taking care of the environment by consciously using the materials.

My collections follow a simple design narrative embellished with underlying meaning carried through figurative and abstract messages conveyed through patterns, design decisions and typography.