Pordenone, ITALY / ON STAGE


Politecnico di Milano







I am Alice D'Andrea, I am 21 years old and I was born in Pordenone, a city in the North-East of Italy. I had the first approach to fashion during my High School years at I.T.I Zanussi, where I joined drawing, sewing, and made to measure patternmaking classes. During this years, I've also done some work experiences in small tailoring companies near home. Then, after five years, in 2016, I moved to Milan in order to start my journey at Politecnico di Milano University. Last year there was the most challenging of all because I attended knitwear classes, in order to understand and learn the process behind knitting techniques, tools, yarns, and properties.



Childhood and innocence find a new urban interpretation in this collection.
Inspired by childish curiosity in hunting even in the most unusual places, a new delicacy and refinement, which sometimes seems lost in the streets of a serious and mature style.

So, the main game of childhood, hide and seek ( which in Italian is "Nascondino") is translated into this capsule that transmits through the knit what is hidden behind human appearances, the "what we have been" into our "what we are now".

The main elements of the collection are the effects of wrap-around and transparency opposed to opaque and compact knitted garments, all combined with sporty details such as flat ribs and stripes.
Sustainability is seen as a chromatic choice out of season, the colors are in fact chosen to transcend seasons and fads.

The yarns used to create a contrasting effect, in fact, there are dry yarns and very soft and fluffy ones, to emphasize the main concept of "Do not stop at appearances" but instead to continue the research of hidden innocence.