Alexandra Alonso Balcells



LCI  Barcelona - Felicidad Duce





My name is Alexandra Alonso Balcells, I am 22 years old and I am from a town called Santa Coloma de Queralt, which is located in Catalonia, Spain.

When I finished the primary and secondary school, it was difficult for me to make a decision about the direction of my academic and work future, but when I decided, it was clear to me that I wanted to dedicate myself to the world of fashion, although I still did not know specifically what area of it, since he had a generic knowledge of this world, but he was still unaware of all the aspects that this sphere embarks on.

Getting into the world of design has allowed me to do an exercise in reflection and understand more about the different points of view that can be transmitted through art; and thus, grow as a person, both personally and professionally.

Throughout my creative process, art, music and urban subcultures have a great influence on me; the way people express themselves through the way they create and their clothing which allows us to constantly reinvent ourselves. For all this, I consider myself a person with a great interest in the world of art, photography, different cultures and urban tribes. As well music and human psychology. Nowadays, I am currently doing my final year thesis of the fashion design career at Felicidad Duce- LCI Barcelona.

Kollapse is the name of my final collection. I think that Kollapse is a reflection of the experiences I have had over the years as it tries to question everything that we have so established and rooted in society.
Kollpase reflects my concerns when I speak of not being oneself because they are always imposing on us what is seen or believed to be correct in this society, seeking the approval of the other, always giving up being ourselves. Creating a place where you can be part of there and be yourself.