Afol Moda



Alessandra was born in Monza in 1991. 

After receiving a diploma in classical studies, she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Humanities at the Universita’ degli Studi di Milano. This education in classical studies only strengthened her interest in fashion and female beauty - something Alessandra has been passionate about from a very young age. 

During her university years, she attended evening courses in design and tailoring, allowing her to jump right into some of the key aspects of the profession and to develop a real passion for this incredible craft. 

After graduating, Alessandra attended a two-year course in “fashion design” and “fashion collection” at Afol Moda. During this time, she learned about the entire creative process, including design techniques, fashion figure, and the creation of a full fashion collection. 

By working backstage at fashion events, Alessandra had the opportunity to observe, learn and experience the culmination of the entire artistic path, becoming a focus area of interest for her. She then worked at the tailoring department of an haute couture atelier, during which she improved her dressmaking skills. In addition to the technical skills, this experience also showed Alessandra the important implications and considerations of the entire production process. Following this, she worked as a seamstress at Emilio Pucci’s showroom in Milan. 

In line with her long-lasting passion for a minimal and sophisticated style, Alessandra is currently presenting her collection ’INTERO’, inspired by the female beauty in all its forms. From the study of the great fashion photographer Peter Lindberg, and particularly of the women portrayed in his work, Alessandra’s collection features an androgynous look. As simplicity and rigour have a leading role in the collection, this is characterised by lean and elongated silhouettes, while minimal and geometric forms are modernised by studied cuts and collar work creating a dynamic effect.