Aleksandra Blinova







I am Aleksandra Blinova, a dream immersed human creature born in Latvia, Riga. Growing up, I was engaged in the world of art and virginity of nature that I began exploring in the art school. The epochs of Renaissance, Impressionism and Gothic inspired me to capture fleeting and temporary moments of my own life to discover different angles of beauty and itʼs versatility in the world.
Consequently, my main focus and goal was to reflect this world of my personal surroundings through the mirrors of poetry, photography and cinematography and create a world of my own.


After graduating University of Westminster in London, I continue moving in the pathway of chasing the origins of eternity. Moving to other countries like United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France from a young age to work in Erdem, Viktor&Rolf and Loewe have built a strong interest to obtain knowledge of craftsmanship to get experience in different parts of the industry including embroidery, haute couture and ready-to-wear. A privilege of receiving this knowledge has influenced my self-confidence and development as an individual and designer in order to pursue balance and harmony.


My 3D working process is based on a concept of allowing hand manipulated textiles and embroidery to dictate it's own shape and silhouette. Essentially, I discover the piece by letting it take itʼs natural form of constant. I am inspired by movements and volumes of natural life withering, fragility and fluidity.
Colours, shades and concept based on my personal life experiences take aì crucial part in my work. Created pieces are usually stitched by hand, that way I not only want to show itʼs delicacy and complexity in technique that can serve as a homage to hand made garments of centuries before, but I also want to ensure that this piece is resembling a singular and unique existence, equal to our own.


This collection is a materialised diary during my stay in Paris last summer. A lonely walk at a LaChaise cemetery. Forgotten memories, dying flower bouquet at the grave of Oscar Wilde. I have suddenly found myself being followed by crying angel statues. Influenced by my personal experience and Francesca Woodman's photography, a collection of heavenly bodies and bejewelled catacomb skeletons have transformed into heavily hand-gathered and manipulated fragile floating sculptures. Hundreds of metres of organdie, that is usually used on the inside as a garment skeleton, obtained a new function by being used as exterior and resembling bone structure of a human body. A delicate tulle collection where lifeless grey and reds fade into rosy nudes, tangle into loosely floating threads and raw stitching. It has been embellished by more than 1,500 3D printed custom teeth beads of real people along with heavily decorated face masks. It suggests an idea of hand-built angelic creatures, where transparency, death, skin and bones are reconsidered. This collection introduces the viewers to my personal angels, to my romantic yet dark side of the universe.