Yo Yamazaki



23rd Edition, Finalists
23rd Edition, Bunka Fashion Graduate University, Japan, Yo Yamazaki
About This Project

I graduated Bunka Fashion Graduated school in 2011.

In 2013、I met shoe maker Hiroshi Kamiyama, I learned leather skills from him. By the way, I really love art works so I learned many kind of Art works that I need for my original designs; painting, sculpture and so on. It can be reflected for my fashion designs.

I think when I create clothes, I should guess about functional because clothes wore by the human.
There is a different point from the other works, painting, sculpture.

I think fashion designs are art works and scientific works.
Difficult, but immersive! Important things that I hope myself for my designs.

I’ll do in way my likes, originally, new, and we can wear it in our life.
Other than that, using Japanese antique fabrics, or may not, make use of Japanese own culture.
I want reflect for my designs, way of my life until today.