Vittoria Veltroni



22nd Edition, Finalists
22nd Edition, Accademia di Costume e di Moda, Italy, Rome, Vittoria Veltroni
About This Project

Born and raised in Rome, Vittoria is now living in Milan where she is working as the Shoe Designer assistant at Bottega Veneta. She began her career studying fashion and costume design at the Accademia Costume e Moda in Rome and presented her collection “Sky-lines” at Altaroma in January 2014 for which she won the third prize.

During her studies she got selected as a finalist for Riccione Moda Italia in three different categories and won the first prize for the swimwear category. She was also a freelance collaborator with several brands and took part in numerous design projects.

Drawn towards fashion from a very young age, she developed her passion while continuing traditional studies and worked to nourish it by pursuing her studies in photography and always feeding her love for art, architecture, and design, which she inherited from her mother.
During her years at the Accademia she was able to equally learn and love designing womenswear, accessories, and costumes.

Vittoria’s view on fashion is that of a very rational mind, always looking for simplicity, geometric shapes, modular patterns and clean lines, but with a Roman, almost baroque, soul that keeps her from minimalism and gives her creations armony and femininity.

Her collection “Sky-lines” was born in New York City. It is her own take on the city, which is very dear to her heart.
She looked around NY through her camera finding shapes and colors that captured her eye and reminded her of a pattern but always had an element that kept them grounded in reality, never letting them go towards abstraction.

That was the starting point for a collection that developed the idea of layering and breaking down, making things a little bit harder to read, just like New York is.

At the same time her interest was, and always is, in designing clothes that are real, wearable, that can make women dream, but while they’re walking down the street.