Tina Gorkic'


Šempeter pri Gorici, SLOVENIA

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Photo Credits

Photographer: Samantha Kandinsky
Model: Teja Sedovšek
Make-up/ Hair stylist: Maja Razboršek
Assistant: Dejan Petrović

23rd Edition, Finalists
23rd Edition, Slovenia, Tina Gorkic', University of Ljubljana
About This Project

I was born in Šempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia. Since I was little, I always liked drawing, painting and using different materials.

I attended the Artistic High School in Nova Gorica, where I have learned a lot about art, design and history. After successful graduation, I moved to Ljubljana, because I decided to begin my studies at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering – Textile and Fashion Design programme.

Over the years I have met various textile techniques, but last year knitting became my passion.
I love to work and experiment with different yarns and unusual materials. I really enjoy in the process of fashion design, but my true passion is textile design, so in the future it’s my goal working for any textile studio or even better, having my own textile studio, where I could draw textile patterns, make knitwear or create various materials for a well-known brands.

My collections have focus on hand made textiles and comfortable clothes, all combined with various colour shapes. I am inspired by everyday life events, which I try to incorporate into my textile and fashion design and all connect with psychology and understanding of human being.

My style is characterized by various colour combinations, textures and delicate hand work.

This year has been great for me, because in April I’ve won a Student Award for best final collection at Ljubljana Fashion Week. The award, which I received, is participation with a new collection at next Ljubljana Fashion Week with already established slovenian and foreign fashion designers.

I also successfully participated at various art exhibitions and different projects in Slovenia and abroad.