Samuel Jon Ralph


New Zealand

22nd Edition, Finalists
22nd Edition, New Zealand, Otago Polytechnic School, Samuel Jon Ralph
About This Project

After graduating with honors in design at Otago Polytechnic in 2012, Samuel Jon Ralph had the opportunity to show his graduate collection at the Shanghai Fashion Week.
This and other occasions, like the New Zealand Emerging Designers Award, allowed him to be featured in numerous blogs and websites from all over the world.

He finds inspiration for his garments in the life of every day, from the textures on the footpath or tiling on a building, from colors of trees and plant life while he is walking to work, or interesting people on the street; he said:
“I am inspired by anything that causes me to feel an emotion or causes a thought in my mind”His five piece menswear collection is inspired by American aerospace engineer, filmmaker, aviator and philanthropist Howard Hughes, he said:
“His innovation and dedication to his dreams inspired me. Many critics and people told him “No”, “Its impossible” but he was determined to follow through with his plans and prove them all wrong.
Hughes had a lonely path designing and creating such forward thinking technologies and systems, this way of thinking was a huge inspiration for my collection.
This collection echos these ideas and I wanted to break traditions, challenge what is possible, what is the norm and what is acceptable”
The Way Of is his way to make a statement and break down the traditional ways of thinking and dressing. He has combined Eastern pattern making techniques and woman’s wear patterns to create his androgynous garments and has used unconventional fabrics, textiles normally used for sportswear, tents and kites to push the boundaries of what is acceptable.

He created digital prints that embody the possibilities and adventures that can be found from air crafts and through an exploration of colour have found the identity of his collection.

During 2013 he moved to Melbourne, Australia where he has been doing freelance work as a stylist for photo shoots and as a freelance consultant to small fashion labels in Melbourne and most recently in Beijing, China.