Ryan Cruzado Gangan



Winner of

Mittelmoda 23rd Edition
Stone Special Award by ORIGIN

23rd Edition, Finalists
23rd Edition, Northumbria University, Philippines, Ryan Cruzado Gangan
About This Project

Ryan Cruzado Gangan is a UK based fashion designer who was born in the Philippines before moving to the UK. He successfully completed a Bachelor of Honours degree in Fashion Design at Northumbria University, having completed an internship with McQ by Alexander McQueen in London.

Ryan Cruzado Gangan creates men’s fashion that celebrates the masculine physique and its inherent sexuality but is not constrained by showing the male form.The ‘New Temple New Crusader’ collection was inspired by the ruggedness and exposed concrete construction of Brutalist architecture.

It is bold, brash and confrontational while communicating strength, functionality and honesty. He used these constructions to create silhouettes that demonstrate the contrast of light and shadow made by its angular composition.

Tadao Ando’s architectural works have also inspired the collection due to its serene and stimulating aura, virtually the new spiritual temple for the new crusaders. His muse – The New Crusader, is someone with active, urgent spirit, who is resolute and spontaneous but veiled with ambiguity playing with masculinity.

The collection was influenced by Ray Petri’s styling for The Face. His work explored and encapsulated a contemporary approach to masculinity. This inspired Ryan to explore and define his own perceptions of masculinity as a brand.

His collection is his own interpretation of masculinity that resonates his personality and signature style. The garments will reveal volume, highlights and contrast cuts, and elicit surfaces through unexpected placement. Ecclesiastical tailored garments are infused with street-style essence. After all, Brutalism is built like ‘streets in the sky.’