Roberta Meola


Trieste, ITALY

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Photographer: Nika Furlani

24th Edition, Finalists
24th Edition, Italy, NABA, Roberta Meola
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Roberta Meola was born in Trieste, 1990. She has grown up with her beloved family and approached the world of tailoring during the time spent with her grandmother, drewing and embroidering different kinds of rejected textiles through the cross point technique.

She has studied Fashion and Costume History at the Enrico Umberto Nordio Art Institute in her hometown. During the same period, Roberta has enriched her needlework skills attending dressmaking courses and working at the Erminia Dionis Bernobi tailor shop in Trieste.

With the passage of time, her genuine and committed interest for fashion and fabrics has become her life’s oxygen, so she decided to develop her creative path with the academic experience at the NABA Institute in Milan, where she graduated in Fashion and Textile Design.

Then, in December 2013, she has collaborated as Assistant Creative Director with the innovative fashion designer Daizy Shely, winner in 2014 of the contest “Who is On Next ?” Hereafter in 2015, she started working as fashion designer for the brand Maison About. Roberta has been able to combine her professional and academic dedications with a creative attitude that has driven her istinctive impulse from her soul to her hands, in order to communicate through textiles, shapes and colours her message, which becomes tangible in her artworks.