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24th Edition, Finalists
24th Edition, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Netherlands, Raisa Klasina Melissa Kok
About This Project

Raisa Kok is a 22 year old Dutch Fashion&Design graduate of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in the Netherlands.

During the four years studying Fashion&Design and an internship for the Dutch womenswear label Spijkers&Spijkers she discovered her strengths and weaknesses.

For her graduation collection she wanted to exploit her strengths; which were decorations and textiles.

The materials of the decorations are very important. In her opinion craft lies in exploring and exploiting all the possibilities inherent in the material. She distorts and edit existing materials into something that may or may not be recognised, but it gets another new look. She combines different materials, applications and fabrics into a tasteful, complete whole.

The decorations must also have a function and cannot be meaningless. Raisa applied different functions of decorations, such as pattern-seeking. It is a human impulse to seek order and rhythm. With shapes and objects we are looking for and we expect to find simplicity and completeness in form.

When we are faced with more complex models it is more difficult. One can find pleasure in a simple form they can identify. A simple example is a circle.

The reason why Raisa is using decorations is to make her work complete. Fashion becomes richer and more luxurious with decorations and ornament.
Raisa’s textiles and decorations amplify each other.