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24th Edition, Finalists
24th Edition, ICELAND, Ragna Sigridur Bjarnadottir, The Royal Danish Academy
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Ragna S. Bjarnadottir is an Icelandic fashion designer currently based in Copenhagen where she is graduating with a masters degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Design.

Her graduation collection, titled Hysteria, is an exploration of modern femininity, female stereotypes and the gendered upbringing of girls. It studies and reveals the emotional tension of being seen as the lesser gender and the social rules women and girls have to follow each day.

The collection reflects on the moment a young girl tries on her mothers clothes and thus finds herself embodied in modern femininity. But it is too much for her, the clothes are heavy and too big and she is overwhelmed by the social pressures of being female. She is drowning in femininity.

Ragna uses traditional girlie colors, traditional female craft, such as embroidery and knit, textured feminine fabrics and embroidered statements in an effort to reclaim femininity. She turns up the volume of these clich├ęs in an effort to create visual discomfort but also uses tounge-in-cheek humor to call out the ridiculous pressures that are put up on girls and women by society today.