Pamela Baldini


Florence, ITALY

Photo Credits

Photographer: Elisa Spinoza
Model: Ilaria Palma

22nd Edition, Finalists
22nd Edition, Florence, Istituto Modartech, Italy, Pamela Baldini
About This Project

Based in Tuscany, with a passion for history of Art and Design, she graduates Architect at university of Florence where she also improves herself in Costume Design.

The cultural background as an Architect leads her to start a personal research about architectural structure of clothings, such as corsetry and hoop skirts, discovering the essence of shape and volume applied to modify body aesthetic through the past ages until today.

In 2013 she attends a Master in Fashion Design at Modartech institute which leads her to launch a capsule collection of Haute Couture dresses with her own label “Juliet Morris Couture”.

After that she pursues an internship at Gattinoni Haute Couture in Rome collaborating for Spring-Summer collection 2015.
Her work is inspired by Art, Imagination and social phenomenon in balance between past and contemporary.

The entire collection is focused on the concept of an Ideal Beauty, elegant and romantic inspired by a poem of William Morris; a collection characterized by contrasts between light and ethereal fabrics and hard structures where metallic effect is predominant.

Pamela thinks that knowledge of the past is very useful to comprehend and renovate the present, as well as construction techniques, for that she collects vintage garments and a lot of documents to understand the shape of clothes that inspire her, both of ancient couturiers such as modern fashion designers she appreciates like Valentino and Mc Queen.

“The Ideal of Beauty that has always fascinated me is a mix of Modern, Romanticism, Freedom and
Sensucht” – Pamela Baldini